nostp is a new concept of e-shop based on the production and selling of sustainable baby apparel.

Our concept is based on the idea of contrasting over production and against the limited edition stressfull buying/selling mode. How? We produce small quantities and restock every time is needed.

Our capsules are continuous and we introduce new ones time to time We design a basic range of comfortable clothes for our little ones in collaboration with other earth oriented designers and artists, at the same time we promote them and together we support a charitable cause


We work with designers and artist from all the world



Konsey textile

Konsey Textile was founded in 1995 by Mehmet Inkaya (CEO of Konsey Tekstil). Located in Izmir offers a wide range of knitted and woven wear for boys and girls.

In the 90’s Konsey Tekstil manufactured mainly for local Turkish companies and started to grow only a few years later. The company works with customers across the European Union delivering high quality goods at the right pricing point.